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Commercial Litigation Attorney in New York

We beat the big firms at their own game and win cases through careful preparation, thinking outside the box, speed without sacrificing quality, and forging close relationships.

Jacobs PC Litigation
At Jacobs P.C.

We believe in taking the time to truly understand our clients and their business needs, so we can help troubleshoot and resolve issues before they rise to the level of litigation.

When the time comes for lightning-fast movement in a potential commercial dispute or threatened lawsuit, which could happen literally any day without prior warning, we are also poised to overtake adversaries and efficiently optimize outcomes.

Leo and Associates strategizing

We are invariably prepared to see a case through trial, as the best defense is still a good offense, but we also stay nimble and consider negotiated settlements and other options among potential resolutions, if they are in the best interests of our clients.

Our talent for speed bears repeating, as it is one of our greatest superpowers. We can fight like a bulldog but with the pace and agility of a greyhound.

We are first to file critical court documents, first to marshal crucial facts to support our litigation strategy, and first to fight for and recoup our client's hard-earned property.

What our clients say about us
Jacob Frydman
Ilya Zavolunov
Albert and William Shtainer
Gary and Ruben Sadykov
We were facing a motion for summary judgment, so I brought Leo in and his firm, and they were able to turn it around, and cross-move for summary judgment.. we got all of the claims against us dismissed, except one, and that will be dismissed very shortly, because we just won a trial on that issue.
Jacob Frydman
Founder & CEO at Frydman LTD
During COVID time, we were placed against the wall, and again Leo's team accommodated with restructuring and providing a different approach, and we were able to come up with a strategy that made us operational and whole again.
Ilya Zavolunov
CEO at DaMikele Hospitality
Jacobs P.C. assists us in performing to our best abilities and allows us to keep the planet cleaner and greener.. I highly recommend Leo, he gets very intimate with you about the issue at hand, and makes you feel very comfortable.
Albert & William Shtainer
Principal Owners at Allstate Recycling LLC
Normally, nobody can guarantee anything to you, but the confidence, energy and vibe I got from him (Leo), that he could get us there, felt really good, even though we were in a really poor position at the time, given the circumstances of the case. He pulled us out of the fire.
Gary & Ruben Sadykov
President & VP at KS Renovation Group
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Given the trust our clients place in us and our growing reputation for uncovering and quickly executing on creative solutions, Jacobs P.C. is the obvious choice in Manhattan and the greater New York City area for bet-the-company, high-stakes, and other complex litigation.

Jacobs PC Law Offices at the Fuller Building
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