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Financial Litigation Attorney in New York

Jacobs P.C. is based and has a strong presence in New York City, the global hub for the financial services industry.

Jacobs PC Legal Practitioners in Financial Services

Our team serves financial institutions at the local, state, and federal level, including commercial banks, bank holding companies, private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate investment trusts, sovereign funds, investment advisors, thrift institutions, trust companies, credit unions, specialty finance companies (such as payment processors, equipment financing companies, and receivables financing companies), and other financial-related entities. 

We also work with clients in the fintech sector, from fintech startups with disruptive new offerings to established players, and companies that handle cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

As regulatory, corporate, litigation, and bankruptcy counsel to funds and financial institutions, we keep abreast of the evolving financial marketplace and can assist with digital assets, mergers, equity and debt acquisitions (including distressed debt), conversions, cross-state expansions, asset management, real estate finance, corporate finance, restructurings, sales of business assets out of bankruptcy, consumer finance, trade finance, regulatory risk management, disputes, investigations, economic sanctions, allegations of financial crimes, fraud and recovery, labor and employment, and trademark and patent protection, among other matters. 

We also provide counsel when clients introduce new products and services, such as securities and other investment products, insurance and trust services, electronic banking, and the offering of financial services to marijuana-related businesses (MRBs).

When it comes to financial services, our team has keen insight into market trends, regulatory developments, and potential pitfalls. In these uncertain times for the industry and beyond, you can trust Jacobs P.C. to guide you through.

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