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Technology & Startup Lawyer in New York

As an entrepreneurial law firm, at Jacobs P.C. we share our technology clients’ commitment to innovation in an ever-evolving market and regulatory environment.

Jacobs PC Legal Practitioners in Technology and Startups

From strategy calls to troubleshoot ongoing business issues to representation on complex transactions or disputes, we work to optimize outcomes with a keen understanding of the technology landscape.

Our technology clients range from founder-led start-ups to multinational tech giants, and we are poised to support companies involved with artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, telecommunications, the Internet of Things (IOT), cloud and as-a service solutions, fintech, biotech, digital health, ad tech, and other areas.

Some areas we handle for our technology clients are:

  •  Start-up launch and growth
  • Angel investing
  • Private equity and venture capital investing
  • M&A and other strategic negotiations
  • Commercial litigation
  • Trademark defense and prosecution
  • Inbound and outbound licensing agreements
  • Product development and launch
  • Digital transformation
  • Business expansion
  • Risk management
  • Data governance and privacy
  • Data breach mediation
  • Public policy strategy
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory proceedings

 Whatever your needs, we can support you by providing guidance and solutions at every stage and development of your business.

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