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Robert M. Sasloff


Robert M. Sasloff is Counsel to the Firm's Bankruptcy & Corporate Restructuring Practice. This practice focuses primarily on debtor and creditors' rights, in bankruptcy and in out-of-court settlements.  Robert has been practicing since 1990.

Robert has advised clients on a wide range of matters including but not limited to (1) Chapter 11 reorganizations; (2) Chapter 7 liquidations; (3) representing landlords and dealing leases and other forms of executory contracts in all bankruptcy cases; (4) restructuring of obligations; (5) the purchase and/or sale of distressed businesses/property in Chapter 11; (6) litigation on both preferences and/or fraudulent conveyances in bankruptcy; (7) representing secured creditors, vendors, committees, and interest holders to adequately protect their interest in bankruptcy cases, as well as represented panel trustees in Chapter 7 cases; (8) general counsel to financially distressed parties to formulate strategies; (9) out of court workouts; (10) represented companies in collection matters, UCC sales, and other enforcement proceedings; and (11) has provided general counsel, advise, relying upon his business reorganization expertise to counsel clients in the operation of their businesses.

Robert's clients include mostly private mid-market companies, some public entities and well as creditors committee in Chapter 11 cases. In Robert's years of practice, he has helped shepard numerous companies through Chapter 11 and confirmed many plans of reorganization that either restructured, sold, or refinanced obligations including in recent years Dupont Developers before Judge Lord, 6525 Belcrest before Judge Wiles, and the Phoenix Rises before Judge Stong.


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