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Keziah Akishkin

Legal Administrator

Keziah is our esteemed Legal Administrator and Legal Secretary. She has a considerable background in accounting as well as strong experience in customer service and hospitality allowing for an adaptive and dynamic work style. She ensures our calendar, events, and office are in check for a free-flowing efficient environment.

Keziah Akishkin

Keziah manages meetings and docketing, including all court dates and appearances on behalf of the firm. She drafts documents and license applications for clients, interfaces with court staff, and makes e-filings with the courts. She also leverages her accounting background in support of the firm.

Keziah has extensive experience in client-facing roles and serves as a frequent point-of-contact for new clients. For clients most comfortable communicating in Russian, she often serves as a trusted translator.

Keziah loves underground music and exploring venues across New York city. She previously served as the on-air DJ for a community radio show in California.

Keziah's core competencies: Business Administration, Paralegal, and Office Coordinator.

Interesting Fact: Keziah has excellent organization skills ensuring our calendars, events, and office are in check for a free-flowing efficient environment. Core Competencies: commercial litigation, bankruptcy, business administration, accounting, paralegal skills, cross-cultural communication, and Russian (native) Education: Sierra College, A.S., Accounting
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